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David Simchi-Levi

David Simchi-Levi is Professor of Engineering Systems at MIT and Chairman of OPS Rules, a leading operations and supply chain management consultancy. He is considered one of the premier thought leaders in supply chain management and has coauthored the books Managing the Supply Chain, The Logic of Logistics, and the award-winning Designing and Managing the Supply Chain. He is the founder of the supply chain planning software company, LogicTools, which is now part of IBM.

Titles by This Author

Delivering Customer Value through Flexible Operations

In recent years, management gurus have urged businesses to adopt such strategies as just-in-time, lean manufacturing, offshoring, and frequent deliveries to retail outlets. But today, these much-touted strategies may be risky. Global financial turmoil, rising labor costs in developing countries, and huge volatility in the price of oil and other commodities can disrupt a company’s entire supply chain and threaten its ability to compete.