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Sam Bass Warner

Sam Bass Warner, noted urban historian and Visiting Professor of Urban History at MIT, is the author of Streetcar Suburbs: The Process of Growth in Boston, 1870-1900; The Private City: Philadelphia in Three Periods of Its Growth; The Urban Wilderness: A History of the American City; To Dwell Is to Garden: A History of Boston’s Community Gardens; and other books.

Titles by This Author

A Representative History

American urban form—the spaces, places, and boundaries that define city life—has been evolving since the first settlements of colonial days. The changing patterns of houses, buildings, streets, parks, pipes and wires, wharves, railroads, highways, and airports reflect changing patterns of the social, political, and economic processes that shape the city. In this book, Sam Bass Warner and Andrew Whittemore map more than three hundred years of the American city through the evolution of urban form.