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Paperback | $33.95 Trade | £23.95 | ISBN: 9780262531566 | 291 pp. | 6 x 9 in | January 1998

Being There

Putting Brain, Body, and World Together Again


Brain, body, and world are united in a complex dance of circular causation and extended computational activity. In Being There, Andy Clark weaves these several threads into a pleasing whole and goes on to address foundational questions concerning the new tools and techniques needed to make sense of the emerging sciences of the embodied mind. Clark brings together ideas and techniques from robotics, neuroscience, infant psychology, and artificial intelligence. He addresses a broad range of adaptive behaviors, from cockroach locomotion to the role of linguistic artifacts in higher-level thought.

About the Author

Andy Clark is Reader in Philosophy of Cognitive Sciences in the School of Cognitive and Computing Sciences at the University of Sussex, in England. He's the author of Microcognition: Philosophy, Cognitive Science, and Parallel Distributed Processing.


"Clark's book is an excellent introduction to this new movement incognitive science. It is clear, wide ranging, well informed, and fullof fascinating examples. And, unusually, it manages to be botheminently sensible and highly provocative."
Margaret A. Boden, Nature