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Paperback | $34.00 Short | £23.95 | ISBN: 9780262693578 | 608 pp. | 6 x 9 in | 6 illus. | October 2007

"“University Presses in Space” showcases a special sampling of the many works that university presses have published about space and space exploration."

Essential Info

Moral Psychology, Volume 2

The Cognitive Science of Morality: Intuition and Diversity


For much of the twentieth century, philosophy and science went their separate ways. In moral philosophy, fear of the so-called naturalistic fallacy kept moral philosophers from incorporating developments in biology and psychology. Since the 1990s, however, many philosophers have drawn on recent advances in cognitive psychology, brain science, and evolutionary psychology to inform their work. This collaborative trend is especially strong in moral philosophy, and these three volumes bring together some of the most innovative work by both philosophers and psychologists in this emerging interdisciplinary field.

Contributors to Volume 2:
Fredrik Bjorklund (University of Lund), James Blair (National Institute of Mental Health), Paul Bloomfield (University of Connecticut), Fiery Cushman (Harvard University), Justin D'Arms (Ohio State University), John Deigh (University of Texas at Austin), John Doris (Washington University), Julia Driver (Dartmouth College), Ben Fraser (Australian National University Research School of Social Science), Gerd Gigerenzer (Max Plank Institute), Michael Gill (University of Arizona), Jonathan Haidt (University of Virginia), Marc Hauser (Harvard University), Daniel Jacobson (Bowling Green State University), Joshua Knobe (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Brian Leiter (University of Texas at Austin), Don Loeb (University of Vermont), Ron Mallon (University of Utah), Darcia Narvaez (University of Notre Dame), Shaun Nichols (University of Arizona), Alexandra Plakias (University of Michigan), Jesse Prinz (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Geoffrey Sayre-McCord (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill), Russ Shafer-Landau (University of Wisconsin), Walter Sinnott-Armstrong (Dartmouth College), Cass Sunstein (University of Chicago), William Tolhurst (University of Northern Illinois), Liane Young (Harvard University).

About the Editor

Walter Sinnott-Armstrong is Chauncey Stillman Professor of Practical Ethics at Duke University and the editor of the previous volumes of Moral Psychology, all published by the MIT Press.


"Moral Psychology is a remarkable publishing achievement. Sinnott-Armstronghas a real talent for drawing together the cutting-edge researchers in thefield, and letting them present their positions and challenge each other.These three substantial volumes cover many of the newer and more excitingissues being raised in ethics and moral psychology today. Essential readingfor anyone who wants to know where the field is heading."
Peter Singer, Ira W. Decamp Professor of Bioethics in the UniversityCenter for Human Values, Princeton University

"In the last decade moral psychology has been transformed into one of themost interesting and important areas of interdisciplinary research—afield where philosophers, psychologists, neuroscientists, anthropologistsand economists interact productively. Recent theories and findings havegenerated a genuine and justified sense of intellectual excitement. If youwant to see what all the excitement is about, this book is a great place tostart."
Stephen Stich, Board of Governors Professor of Philosophy and CognitiveScience, Rutgers University

"Moral Psychology represents a powerful and penetrating discussion of the emerging science of moral behavior. Each volume cross-examines important arguments which lead to fascinating dialogues on this compelling subject. With these volumes, Sinnot-Armstrong is revealed as a leading mind in this field."
Michael S. Gazzaniga, Director, Sage Center for the Study of the Mind, University of California, Santa Barbara