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Hardcover | $30.00 Short | £20.95 | ISBN: 9780262027847 | 432 pp. | 8 x 9 in | 291 color illus., 26 tables| August 2014


Soft Circuits introduces students to the world of wearable technology. Using Modkit, an accessible DIY electronics toolkit, students learn to create e-textile cuffs, “electrici-tee” shirts, and solar-powered backpacks. Students also learn the importance of one component to the whole—how, for example, changing the structure of LED connections immediately affects the number of LEDs that light up.

About the Authors

Kylie Peppler is Assistant Professor in the Learning Sciences Program and Director of the Creativity Labs at Indiana University Bloomington.

Melissa Gresalfi is Associate Professor of Mathematics Education and Learning Sciences at Vanderbilt University.

Katie Salen TekinbaĊŸ is Professor in the School of Computing and Digital Media at DePaul University and Chief Designer and Researcher at Institute of Play.

Rafi Santo is a doctoral student in the Learning Sciences Program at Indiana University Bloomington.