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Acquisitions Inquiries

Book and journal submissions

To propose journal articles or reviews

If you are interested in contributing an article or review to an MIT Press journal, please visit and select the journal of your choice. Submission and editorial contact information can be found in the left-hand sidebar of each journal's homepage.

To propose book projects

Please check with the appropriate MIT Press editor before submitting a book proposal. A list of our acquisitions editors and the subject areas they handle appears below. Please contact only one editor about your proposal; if the project would be best considered by another editor, your initial contact will refer your inquiry to that person. Note that different editors have different submission requirements and review schedules. 
Your initial inquiry, which may be sent by post or e-mail, should simply describe, in a few paragraphs, the project, its authors or editors, its primary field, its intended readership, and the contribution it will make or need it will fill. If the editor is interested in the project, he or she may request a more detailed proposal. Please do not send manuscripts, sample chapters, or illustrations unless an editor specifically requests them. 

Acquisitions staff listing

Editorial Director: Gita Manaktala (253-3172)

  • Art, Architecture, Visual & Cultural Studies: Roger Conover, Executive Editor (253-1677)
  • Cognitive Science, Philosophy, Bradford Books: Philip Laughlin, Senior Acquisitions Editor (252-1636)
  • Computer Science, Linguistics: Marie Lee, Executive Editor for Computer Science and Linguistics (253-1558)
  • Economics, Finance, Business: John S. Covell, Senior Acquisitions Editor (253-3757)
  • Economics, Finance, Business: Jane Macdonald, Acquisitions Editor (253-1605)
  • Environmental Studies, Political Science, Bioethics: Beth Clevenger, Acquisitions Editor (253-4113)
  • Life Sciences, Neuroscience, EngineeringRobert Prior, Executive Editor (253-1584)
  • New Media, Game Studies, Design: Doug Sery, Senior Acquisitions Editor (253-5187)
  • Science, Technology & Society; Information Science: Marguerite Avery, Senior Acquisitions Editor (253-1653) 


Art, Architecture, Visual & Cultural Studies: Justin Kehoe, Acquisitions Assistant (253-3933)

  • Computer Science, Linguistics, Semiotext(e): Marc Lowenthal, Associate Acquisitions Editor (258-0579)
  • Digital Media & Learning: Susan Buckley, Assistant Acquisitions Editor(253-0763
  • Economics, Finance, Business: Emily Taber, Assistant Editor(253-1585)
  • Life Sciences, Neuroscience, Engineering, Cognitive Science, Philosophy; ScienceChristopher EyerAcquisitions Assistant (253-8389)
  • Science, Technology, & Society; Information Science: Assistant Acquisitions Editor [new hire TBD] (253-0974 )
  • Environmental Studies, Political Science, Bioethics: Miranda Martin, Acquisitions Assistant (253-1693)