Acting with Technology

Books published in the Acting With Technology Series are concerned with the study of meaningful human activity as it is mediated by tools and technologies. The series has a broad interdisciplinary scope. While grounded in science and technology studies, human-computer interaction, and computer-supported collaborative work, the series aims to bring together and mutually inform conceptual developments and empirical explorations of the technological mediation of human activity in these and other fields such as sociology, communication, education, and organizational studies. Acting With Technology volumes encompass a diversity of theoretical frameworks including activity theory, actor network theory, distributed cognition, and other practice-based theories developed through ethnomethodological and grounded theory approaches. The books investigate tool-mediated processes of working, organizing, playing, and learning in and across a wide variety of social settings, with a special focus on significant contemporary issues related to emerging technology-related trends in culture and society.

Series editor: Victor Kaptelinin, Kirsten A. Foot, Bonnie A. Nardi