2001: The Elusive Quest for Growth

It’s day 39 of our 50th anniversary series! The following is an excerpt from Devashish Mitra’s review of The Elusive Quest for Growth: Economists’ Adventures and Misadventures in the Tropics by William R. Easterly. The review was published in the April 2002 issue of the Southern Economic Journal.

“The book illustrates clearly how fairly abstract economic models can be put to use in real-world policy analysis. Thus, for any student who is being introduced to the economic growth literature, this book is essential reading. It would convince her that the growth literature is not just about fancy dynamics, differential equations, and saddle paths but has something useful to say about both the positive and normative aspects of the world around us. For the same reason and since the book raises new economic questions, it is invaluable to advanced students as well as researchers in theoretical and empirical growth.”


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