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When Roger Conover joined the MIT Press, he did so as its first full-time acquisitions editor in art and architecture. A few decades later, he has published over a thousand titles by artists, architects, poets, curators, historians, critics, photographers, filmmakers, philosophers, and designers. While he consistently produces influential books by the leading names in the fields in which he works, he is also committed to introducing new voices and publishing first books by emerging writers, including works that do not fit into established categories, canons, or genres. He seeks authors who know how to write, and how to see, for a global market, and whose readers are not confined to academia. Roger can be reached at

Notable Acquisitions:

How to Write a Thesis by Umberto Eco, Zizek’s Jokes by Slavoj Žižek, Filipovic by Marcel Duchamp, On the Couch by Nathan Kravis, Ai Weiwei’s Blog by Ai WeiWei, Learning from Las Vegas by Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown, Russian Dada by Margarita Tupitsyn, Black Mountain College by Vincent Katz