Susan Buckley

Susan Buckley

Acquisitions Editor, Education and Learning, Science Fiction


Susan acquires books on education, with a particular focus is the intersection of learning, media, and technology. Susan is interested in the future of higher education, international comparative higher education, issues of equity and access to learning, and in how people acquire the literacies needed to be active, critical citizens. Susan also acquires titles for the MIT Press’s growing list in science fiction. She is interested in how fiction engages with emerging technologies and systems, and is looking for works of or about SF that demonstrate how critical worldbuilding can both address contemporary problems and envision more equitable futures.

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Notable Acquisitions:

Behind Their Screens  by Emily Weinstein and Carrie James, Drawing Thought  by Andrea Kantrowitz, Code for What?  by Clifford Lee and Lissa Soep, Kids Across the Spectrums  by Meryl Alper, The Claims of Life  by Diana Chapman Walsh, Movement Matters  by Sheila Macrine and Jennifer Fugate, Constructing Student Mobility  by Stephanie Kim, Critical Data Literacies  by Luci Pangrazio and Neil Selwyn, The Real World of College  by Wendy Fischman and Howard Gardner, Beyond Coding  by Marina Bers.

Behind Their Screens

Emily Weinstein, Carrie James

August 16, 2022

Code for What?

Clifford Lee, Elisabeth Soep, Christopher Emdin

January 10, 2023

The Real World of College

Wendy Fischman, Howard Gardner

March 22, 2022

The Alienation of Fact

Kenneth J. Saltman

November 22, 2022

Beyond Coding

Marina Umaschi Bers

March 22, 2022

Drawing Thought

Andrea Kantrowitz

October 11, 2022

The Truth and Other Stories

Stanisław Lem, Antonia Lloyd-Jones, Kim Stanley Robinson

September 13, 2022

The Invincible

Stanisław Lem, N. Katherine Hayles, Bill Johnston

February 18, 2020

His Master's Voice

Stanisław Lem, Seth Shostak, Michael Kandel

February 18, 2020

Tomorrow's Parties

Jonathan Strahan

August 23, 2022

Make Shift

Gideon Lichfield

May 4, 2021