Thomas Weaver

Senior Acquisitions Editor


Thomas Weaver succeeded Roger Conover, who had directed the Art and Architecture list at MIT Press for almost 40 years, in 2019. Many of the series titles and co-publications that Conover helped establish—notably with October, Short Circuits, Writing Architecture, and the Ryerson Image Centre, will continue under Weaver’s editorship, but he is also looking to create new alliances with museums, institutions, and collectives and to bring back more of the stuff of art and architecture into the Art and Architecture list at MIT Press. At the same time he is commissioning books by art and architectural critics, writers, and scholars across a wide historical and geographical spectrum, even if more than range, what he is actively seeking are books that challenge certain entrenched ideas of how academic writing typically expresses itself (which means proposals that advertise not just originality and expertise, but wit, nuance, style, even lyricism), and whose sentences are as beguiling as their images.

Thomas Weaver holds a PhD in architectural history and theory from TU Delft, and can be reached at

Notable Recent Acquisitions: 

The House at Capo d’Orso by Sebastiano Brandolini; Master of the Two Left Feet by Richard Meyer; Piranesi and the Modern Age by Victor Plahte Tschudi; Some Reasons for Traveling to Italy by Peter Wilson; Artery by Allison Katz; American Vernacular by Hugh Hayden; Ambulance Chasers by Abraham Adams and David Joselit; On Bramante by Pier Paolo Tamburelli; Gerhard Richter by Benjamin Buchloh; Radical Pedagogies by Beatriz Colomina et al; Sandfuture by Justin Beal; Living and Working by Dogma; Stories from Architecture by Philippa Lewis; Formulations by Andrew Witt; Carrie Mae Weems edited by Sarah Lewis; The Polyhedrists by Noam Andrews.

The House at Capo d'Orso

Sebastiano Brandolini

Master of the Two Left Feet

Morris Hirshfield Rediscovered

Richard Meyer

Piranesi and the Modern Age

Victor Plahte Tschudi

Allison Katz


Sam Thorne, Martin Clark

Hugh Hayden

American Vernacular

Sarah J. Montross

Radical Pedagogies

Beatriz Colomina, Ignacio G. Galán, Evangelos Kotsioris, Anna-Maria Meister

Ambulance Chasers

Abraham Adams

Gerhard Richter

Painting after the Subject of History

Benjamin H. D. Buchloh

Art Demonstration

Group Material and the 1980s

Claire Grace

Notes from Another Los Angeles

Gregory Ain and the Construction of a Social Landscape

Anthony Fontenot


William Firebrace