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Welcome to our AAAS landing page. Add your name to our newsletter list and take home an MIT Press essential knowledge tote bag, and three books, including the award-winning The Alchemy of Us by Ainissa Ramirez, The Curie Society by Heather Einhorn, Adam Staffaroni and Janet Harvey, and Supernova by Or Graur. Only available while supplies last.

Also, browse our latest books and journals for AAAS 2023, and order the MIT Press titles below for 20% off using discount code MARCH2023 when you order through Penguin Random House and ship to a US mailing address. Full discount terms and conditions here.

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The Curie Society

Heather Einhorn, Adam Staffaroni, Janet Harvey, Joan Hilty

Tenacious Beasts

Christopher J. Preston

Methuselah's Zoo

Steven N. Austad

First Dawn

Roberto Battiston, Bonnie McClellan-Broussard, Marcia Bartusiak

Star Power

Alain Bécoulet, Erik Butler, Dennis G. Whyte

More than a Glitch

Meredith Broussard

The Alchemy of Us

Ainissa Ramirez

Seeing Science

Jack Challoner

Ghost Particle

Alan Chodos, James Riordon, Don Lincoln

Body Am I

Moheb Costandi

Carbon Queen

Maia Weinstock

The Exquisite Machine

Sian E. Harding

The Phantom Scientist

Robin Cousin, Edward Gauvin

The Leak

Robert P. Crease, Peter D. Bond


Erika Nesvold


Or Graur


Giosuè Baggio

Fertility Technology

Donna J. Drucker


Kathryn T Hall


Ritu Raman


Fergus Craik, Larry Jacoby


Nicholas Humphrey

The Sounds of the Cosmos

Mario Díaz, Gabriela González, Jorge Pullin


Jillian Scudder

Chemistry for Cooks

Sandra C. Greer

University Chemistry

James G. Anderson

Introduction to Urban Science

Luís M. A. Bettencourt

Drugs and the FDA

Mikkael A. Sekeres


Frank C. Keil


Carles Lalueza-Fox

On the Trail of Blackbody Radiation

Don S. Lemons, William R. Shanahan, Louis J. Buchholtz

Ending Epidemics

Richard Conniff

Terra Forma

Frédérique Aït-Touati, Alexandra Arènes, Axelle Grégoire, Bruno Latour, Amanda DeMarco

The Squares

Cyrus C. M. Mody

Atlas of Perfumed Botany

Jean-Claude Ellena, Erik Butler

Sexus Animalis

Emmanuelle Pouydebat, Erik Butler

Active Inference

Thomas Parr, Giovanni Pezzulo, Karl J. Friston

Sounding Bodies

Peter Pesic


Telmo Pievani, Michael Gerard Kenyon, Ian Tattersall


Saul Griffith

Power On!

Jean J. Ryoo, Jane Margolis

An Instinct for Truth

Robert T. Pennock

Salvador Luria

Rena Selya

The Evolution of Agency

Michael Tomasello

Curious Minds

Perry Zurn, Dani S. Bassett