Acquisitions staff

Janice Audet, Editorial Director

Art and Architecture
Thomas Weaver, Senior Acquisitions Editor

Biomedical Science, Neuroscience, and Trade Science
Robert Prior, Executive Editor

Cognitive Science, Philosophy, Linguistics, and Bioethics\
Philip Laughlin, Senior Acquisitions Editor

Computer Science
Elizabeth Swayze, Senior Editor

Design and Visual Culture
Victoria Hindley, Acquisitions Editor

Economics, Finance, Business
Catherine Woods, Executive Editor

Education and Learning, Science Fiction
Susan Buckley, Acquisitions Editor

Environment and Urbanism
Beth Clevenger, Senior Acquisitions Editor

Information Science and Communication
Gita Manaktala, Executive Editor at Large

New Media, Game Studies and Digital Humanities, HCI
Noah Springer, Acquisitions Editor

Physical Sciences, Engineering, and Mathematics
Andrew Kinney (, Senior Acquisitions Editor

Public and Global Health, Health Humanities, Psychology and Psychiatry
Matthew Browne, Acquisitions Editor

Science, Technology & Society, MIT & Regional Interest, Sound Studies
Justin Kehoe, Acquisitions Editor

Art and Architecture; Design and Visual Culture
Associate Acquisitions Editor, Gabriela Bueno Gibbs,

Biological Sciences, Evolution; Life Sciences, Neuroscience, Evolution; Economics, Finance, Business
Associate Acquisitions Editor, Anne-Marie Bono,

Computer Science; Education and Learning, Science Fiction
Acquisitions Assistant, Malerie Lovejoy,

Environment and Urbanism; Psychology and Global Health
Assistant Acquisitions Editor, Anthony Zannino, 

Information Science and Communications; Science, Technology, and Society
Acquisitions Assistant, Suraiya Jetha, 

New Media, HCI, Game Studies, and Digital Humanities
Acquisitions and Administrative Assistant, Matthew Valades, 

Physical Sciences, Mathematics, and Engineering; Cognitive Science, Philosophy, Linguistics
Acquisitions Assistant, Haley Biermann,