Subject: AI, computer science, and robotics

AI, computer science, and robotics

The AI Conundrum

Caleb Briggs, Rex Briggs

The Chinese Computer

Thomas S. Mullaney

Measurements-Based Radar Signature Modeling

Joseph T. Mayhan, John A. Tabaczynski

Counting Feminicide

Catherine D'Ignazio

The Secret Life of Data

Aram Sinnreich, Jesse Gilbert


Ben Collier

Cracking the Bro Code

Coleen Carrigan

More than a Glitch

Meredith Broussard

Bots and Beasts

Paul Thagard

Speculative Everything

Anthony Dunne, Fiona Raby

Discriminating Data

Wendy Hui Kyong Chun

The AI Playbook

Eric Siegel

Algorithms of Resistance

Tiziano Bonini, Emiliano Treré

Understanding Deep Learning

Simon J. D. Prince

Mind Design III

John Haugeland, Carl F. Craver, Colin Klein

Critical Data Literacies

Luci Pangrazio, Neil Selwyn

Programming Your GPU with OpenMP

Tom Deakin, Timothy G. Mattson

The Perception Machine

Joanna Zylinska

Machines like Us

Ronald J. Brachman, Hector J. Levesque

Distant Viewing

Taylor Arnold, Lauren Tilton

Making Meaning with Machines

Amy LaViers, Catherine Maguire

We, the Data

Wendy H. Wong

Data Feminism

Catherine D'Ignazio, Lauren F. Klein

Code to Joy

Michael L. Littman

Working-Class Network Society

Jack Linchuan Qiu, Manuel Castells, Carolyn Cartier

Person, Thing, Robot

David J. Gunkel

The Age of Prediction

Igor Tulchinsky, Christopher E. Mason

The Sound of Innovation

Andrew J. Nelson

Peripheral Vision

Zabet Patterson

Minding the Weather

Robert R. Hoffman, Daphne S. LaDue, H. Michael Mogil, Paul J. Roebber, J. Gregory Trafton


James W. Cortada

The Joy of Search

Daniel M. Russell

The Digital Closet

Alexander Monea, Violet Blue

Living with Robots

Ruth Aylett, Patricia A. Vargas, Noel Sharkey


Sophie Hamacher, Jessica Hankey

Artificial Intelligence

Yorick A. Wilks

Beyond Digital

Mario Carpo

The Little Learner

Daniel P. Friedman, Anurag Mendhekar, Guy L. Steele Jr., Peter Norvig

Playing Software

Miguel Sicart

Beyond Data

Elizabeth M. Renieris

Sensing Machines

Chris Salter