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Atlas of Forecasts takes home 2022 PROSE award for excellence in physical sciences and mathematics

Written by Katy Börner, the award-winning book forecasts the future with advanced data models and visualizations

"PROSE Award Medal" This month, the Association of American Publishers announced the four excellence winners of its annual PROSE awards, which recognize best-in-class scholarly publications. Atlas of Forecasts: Modeling and Mapping Desirable Futures by Katy Börner was awarded the PROSE award for excellence in physical sciences and mathematics. 

The 2022 PROSE excellence awards were selected by a panel of 24 judges from a pool of more than 560 entries. Excellence award winners significantly advanced their respective fields and represent the remarkable quality of scholarly publishing today. 

“These top honorees reflect an extraordinary level of academic achievement and cultural insight, illustrating that scholarly publishing continues to be an essential force both in academia and the culture at large,” commented Syreeta Swann, the chief operating officer of the Association of American Publishers.

"Cover for Atlas of Forecasts" Using advanced data visualizations to introduce different types of computational models, Atlas of Forecasts by Katy Börner demonstrates how models can inform effective decision-making in education, science, technology, and policymaking. The models and maps presented aim to help anyone understand key processes and outcomes of complex systems dynamics, including which human skills are needed in an artificial intelligence-empowered economy; what progress in science and technology is likely to be made; and how policymakers can future-proof regions or nations. This Atlas offers a driver’s seat-perspective for a test-drive of the future.

In January, the Association of American Publishers unveiled the finalists and category winners for the 46th annual PROSE awards honoring scholarly works published in 2021. Six MIT Press publications were selected as finalists and four of those titles are category winners. 

Watch this video to learn more about Atlas of Forecasts:

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