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Albert G.H. Dietz

Albert G. H. Dietz is Professor Emeritus of Building Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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In print since 1948, Dwelling House Construction is a homebuilding classic that covers site inspection, foundations, framing, windows, roofing and flashing, coatings, fireplaces and chimneys, insulation, hardware, plastics, mobile homes, and manufactured housing. This new edition has been substantially revised to take into account the many changes in materials and building technologies that have occurred over the past decade. The chapter on roofing has been completely revised. The chapters on coatings and plastics have been combined, as have those on manufactured and mobile housing.

The objective of this "primer" on plastics is to acquaint the architect, designer, builder, and contractor with polymers and their potentialities in building, including not only structural aspects but interior, decorative, and lighting applications as well. The user of this book will obtain basic, essential knowledge of the nature and the applicability of these versatile materials.

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The editors of this informative volume assert that "The United States today -- at a time when more housing is needed than ever -- does not exploit existing building technologies to the fullest. The tools are available, but the constraints are an obstacle.