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Barry M. Kātz

Barry Katz helped to articulate the philosophy of the Nonobject.Barry is Professor of Design at the California College of the Arts, Consulting Professor at Stanford University, and Fellow at IDEO, Inc. He is the author, with Tim Brown, of Change By Design: How Design Thinking can Transform Organizations and Inspire Innovation, and Tectonic Shift: The Unstable History of Silicon Valley Design, to be published by the MIT Press.

Titles by This Author

The “objective” world is one of facts, data, and actuality. The world of the “nonobject” is about perception, experience, and possibility. In this highly original and visually extravant book, Branko Lukic (an award-winning designer) and Barry Katz (an authority on the history and philosophy of design) imagine what would happen if design started not from the object but from the space between people and the objects they use. The “nonobject,” they explain, is the designer’s personal experiment to explore our relation to the observable world.