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Dominic Man-Kit Lam

Dominic Man-Kit Lam is Director of The Center for Biotechnology and Professor of Biotechnology, Cell Biology, and Ophthalmology at Baylor College of Medicine.

Titles by This Editor

The seventeen contributions present current research in visual signal processing, in the retina and central pathways, and in the study of contrast sensitivity in humans.

Proceedings of the Retina Research Foundation Symposia

This fourth volume in the Retina Research Foundation Symposia Proceedings highlights several of the strategies and experimental paradigms that are currently used to exploit and amplify the regenerative capacity of the adult mammalian visual system, and reviews the exciting advances being made in understanding the molecular basis of central nervous system regeneration.Because loss of neurons or interruptions of their connective pathways in the mammalian visual system can, in contrast to certain amphibians and fish, lead to permanent loss of vision, studies of regeneration and plasticity in t