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Erwin Tomash

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Written but never published during his lifetime, this memoir of the founding father of computing is an indispensable primary source of information about Babbage's personal character and work. It brings to light his astonishingly wide range of interests, from mathematics to political economy and social reform, and dispels the myth of an "irascible" and "eccentric" personality, helping to clarify Babbage's position in the history of science.Buxton's memoir was written between 1872 and 1880 and is volume 13 in the Charles Babbage Institute Reprint Series for the History of Computing.

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Edited by Erwin Tomash

This handbook was published in 1914 to accompany the Napier Tercentenary Exhibition. It describes exhibits of all types of calculating machines, as well as mathematical literature, logarithmic tables, and objects of historical connection with John Napier, the man who discovered logarithms. It includes an account of Napier's life and times and gives a short description of how to use Napier's bones as well as more detailed descriptions of such measuring devices as. the abacus, slide rule, planimeters, harmonic analyzers, and differentiating machines.