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G. Gabrielle Starr

G. Gabrielle Starr is Seryl Kushner Dean of the College of Arts and Science and Professor of English at New York University.

Titles by This Author

A BIT of Feeling Beauty

In this BIT, Gabrielle Starr proposes a theory of the neural bases of aesthetic experience, focusing on the “sister arts” of music, painting, and poetry.

The Neuroscience of Aesthetic Experience

In Feeling Beauty, G. Gabrielle Starr argues that understanding the neural underpinnings of aesthetic experience can reshape our conceptions of aesthetics and the arts. Drawing on the tools of both cognitive neuroscience and traditional humanist inquiry, Starr shows that neuroaesthetics offers a new model for understanding the dynamic and changing features of aesthetic life, the relationships among the arts, and how individual differences in aesthetic judgment shape the varieties of aesthetic experience.