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Georges de Ménil

Georges de Ménil is Professor of Economics at École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS), Paris.

Titles by This Author

Monopoly Power versus Union Power

This book tackles the difficult subject of wage determination in the labor markets of highly unionized and concentrated industries where the standard models of competition, monopoly, and monopolistic competition do not apply. It attempts to bridge the gap between untested, abstract bargaining models and empirical studies that relate wages to "bargaining variables" without the benefit of formal theory.

Titles by This Editor

Demographic realities will soon force developed countries to find ways to pay for longer retirements for more people. In Pension Strategies in Europe and the United States, leading economists analyze topical issues in pension policy, with a focus on raising the retirement age, increasing retirement savings, and the political sustainability of reforms that will accomplish these goals.