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John R. Koza

John R. Koza is Consulting Associate Professor in the Computer Science Department at Stanford University.

Titles by This Author

Automatic Discovery of Reusable Programs

Genetic Programming II extends the results of John Koza's ground-breaking work on programming by means of natural selection, described in his first book, Genetic Programming.

On the Programming of Computers by Means of Natural Selection

Genetic programming may be more powerful than neural networks and other machine learning techniques, able to solve problems in a wider range of disciplines. In this ground-breaking book, John Koza shows how this remarkable paradigm works and provides substantial empirical evidence that solutions to a great variety of problems from many different fields can be found by genetically breeding populations of computer programs.

Titles by This Editor

Proceedings of the First Annual Conference, July 28-31, 1996, Stanford University
Edited by John R. Koza

Genetic programming is a domain-independent method for automatic programming that evolves computer programs that solve, or approximately solve, problems. Starting with a primordial ooze of thousands of randomly created computer programs composed of functions and terminals appropriate to a problem, a population of programs is progressively evolved over many generations using the Darwinian principle of survival of the fittest, a sexual recombination operation, and occasional mutation.