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John W. Lloyd

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Gödel is a new, general-purpose, declarative programming language that is based on the paradigm of logic programming and can be regarded as a successor to Prolog. This book gives a tutorial overview of Gödel, presents example programs, provides a formal definition of the syntax and semantics of the language, and covers background material on logic.The Gödel language supports types and modules. It has a rich collection of system modules and provides constraint solving in several domains.

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The 1995 International Symposium
Edited by John W. Lloyd

December 4-7, 1995, Portland, Oregon The International Logic Programming Symposium is one of two major international conferences sponsored by the Association of Logic Programming. It is held annually in North America. The theme for the 1995 conference is "Declarative Systems," particularly the integration of the logic programming, functional programming, and object-oriented programming paradigms.Logic Programming series, Research Reports and Notes