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John Yinger

John Yinger is Trustee Professor of Public Administration and Economics and Director of the Education Finance and Accountability

Program in the Center for Policy Research at the Maxwell School, Syracuse University.

Titles by This Author

Mortgage Discrimination, Research Methodology, and Fair-Lending Enforcement

In 2000, homeownership in the United States stood at an all-time high of 67.4 percent, but the homeownership rate was more than 50 percent higher for non-Hispanic whites than for blacks or Hispanics. Homeownership is the most common method for wealth accumulation and is viewed as critical for access to the most desirable communities and most comprehensive public services. Homeownership and mortgage lending are linked, of course, as the vast majority of home purchases are made with the help of a mortgage loan.

Titles by This Editor

State Aid and the Pursuit of Educational Equity
Edited by John Yinger