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Juan Pablo Bonta

Titles by This Author

These diskettes contain the database developed by the author for the analysis detailed in the book. They include data far more extensive than what is included in the book itself, right up through 1996. DOS diskettes will run on any IBM compatible computer with a minimum 286 processor, 640K of RAM, and 6 MB disk storage space.

A Computer-Aided Analysis of the Literature

Preface by William J. Mitchell In American Architects and Texts, Juan Pablo Bonta analyzes the indexes of nearly 400 architectural books and articles published over the past century and a half to reveal changing societal preferences in architecture and to literally measure the reputations of individual architects. The result is a provocative study -- part book, part electronic database and analysis software -- that follows the ups an downs of more than 7,000 architects' standing in the literature and, indirectly, their standing in the profession.