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Lance Taylor

Lance Taylor is Professor of Economics at MIT.

Titles by This Author

Lectures on Structuralist Macroeconomic Theory

Structuralist macroeconomics has emerged recently as the only viable theoretical alternative for economists and practitioners in developing countries. Lance Taylor's innovative work represents a landmark in this field.

Titles by This Editor

Adjustment, Income Distribution, and Growth in the Developing World
Edited by Lance Taylor

These case studies by an international roster of development economists provide valuable insights into the difficulty of establishing answers to the fundamental question of why nations grow at different rates, with inequitable patterns of wealth and income distribution.The case studies of Colombia, Chile, Thailand, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Uganda, the Philippines, Mexico, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Argentina, Brazil, Nicaragua, Zambia, and Senegal look at each country from the perspective of its own history and institutions, bringing to light factors that condition observed performances.The c

Structuralist Computable General Equilibrium Models for the Developing World
Edited by Lance Taylor

Economist Lance Taylor is an advocate of aggressive government management of developing economies. The models described in this book are are easy to set up and manipulate on microcomputers and should dominate the development debate.