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Lewis Petrinovich

Lewis Petrinovich is Professor of Psychology Emeritus at theUniversity of California, Riverside. He is the author of HumanEvolution, Reproduction, and Morality and Living and DyingWell (MIT Press, 1998).

Titles by This Author

Animal Welfare and Human Interests

The controversial subject of this book is the permissible use of animals by humans. Lewis Petrinovich argues that humans have a set of cognitive abilities, developing from a suite of emotional attachments, that make them unique among species. Although other animals can think, suffer, and have needs, the interests of members of the human species should triumph over comparable interests of members of other species.

In the first volume of his ambitious trilogy, Petrinovich brings concepts from evolutionary biology, neurophysiology, and cognitive science to bear on such controversial issues as contraception, abortion, infanticide, new reproductive technologies, and fetal tissues research. Although he bases the discussion on extensive scholarly research, he does not hesitate to take a strong position on moral issues.

(Published in cloth by Plenum Press, 1995)