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Lionel W. McKenzie

The late Lionel W. McKenzie was Wilson Professor Emeritus of Economics at the University of Rochester.

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Selected Papers of Lionel W. McKenzie

Influential neoclassical economist Lionel McKenzie has made major contributions to postwar economic thought in the fields of equilibrium, trade, and capital accumulation. This selection of his papers traces the development of his thinking in these three crucial areas.McKenzie's early academic life took him to Duke, Princeton, Oxford, the University of Chicago, and the Cowles Commission. In 1957, he went to the University of Rochester to head the economics department there, and he remains at Rochester, now Wilson Professor Emeritus of Economics.

Although general equilibrium theory originated in the late nineteenth century, modern elaboration and development of the theory began only in the 1930s and 1940s. This book focuses on the version of the theory developed in the second half of the twentieth century, referred to by Lionel McKenzie as the classical general equilibrium theory. McKenzie offers detailed and rigorous treatment of the classical model, giving step-by-step proofs of the basic theorems. In many cases he elaborates on the individual steps to give a fuller understanding of the underlying principles.

Titles by This Editor

A great many of the most important developments in modern economics were first revealed in the pages of Econometrica. This selection of readings from that journal is the third in a series and contains its editors' choice of the best articles in the general area of macroeconomics and capital theory that appeared in issues dating from 1935 to 1966. A broad range of topics is covered in the 27 articles selected in order to indicate the general extent of the field. A few of the articles were microeconomic in their original intent but have a clear influence on later macroeconomic theory.