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Marilyn Friedman

Titles by This Editor

Essays on Ethics and Cognitive Science

The essays in this anthology deal with the growing interconnections between moral philosophy and research that draws upon neuroscience, developmental psychology, and evolutionary biology. This cross- disciplinary interchange coincides, not accidentally, with the renewed interest in ethical naturalism.

In order to understand the nature and limits of moral reasoning, many new ethical naturalists look to cognitive science for an account of how people actually reason. At the same time, many cognitive scientists have become increasingly interested in moral reasoning as a complex form of human cognition that challenges their theoretical models. The result of this collaborative, and often critical, interchange is an exciting intellectual ferment at the frontiers of research into human mentality.

Sections and Contributors:

Ethics Naturalized
Owen Flanagan, Mark L. Johnson, Virginia Held

Moral Judgments, Representations, and Prototypes
Paul M. Churchland, Andy Clark, Peggy DesAutels, Ruth Garrett Millikan

Moral Emotions
Robert M. Gordon, Alvin I. Goldman, John Deigh, Naomi Scheman

Agency and Responsibility
James P. Sterba, Susan Khin-Zaw, Helen E. Longino, Michael E. Bratman

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