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Marshall Kaplan

Titles by This Author

Urban Aid from Model Cities to Revenue Sharing

This critical evaluation of the efforts by the federal government to reduce poverty and alleviate inequality in the inner cities during the past decade is the work of two urban scholars who were themselves deeply involved in the design, implementation, and review of those programs from 1965 through the early 1970s.

A Design for Irrelevancy

Nathan Glazer has called Marshall Kaplan "the best social planner of the 1960s" and asserts that this book "does for 1973 what Herbert Gans's People and Plans did for 1963."Kaplan states at the outset that "it can be said that one need not look far for evidence, even if anecdotal, to show that the impact of the planning profession on the quality of urban life has been marginal at best and, at times, negative. Certainly, twenty years of federal planning assistance programs have not visibly built up the planning capacity of local governments or improved the quality of local life.