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Michael D. Mastrandrea

Michael D. Mastrandrea is an Assistant Consulting Professor at the

Stanford University Woods Institute for the Environment. His work has

been published in Science Magazine and Proceedings of the National

Academy of Sciences, and he is co-author of chapters on key

vulnerabilities and climate risks and on long-term mitigation strategies

for the 2007 IPCC Fourth Assessment Report. He also serves on the

Editorial Board for the journal Climatic Change and is co-editor of the book Climate Change Science and Policy.

Titles by This Author

Global momentum is building to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. So far, so good. The less happy news is that Earth’s temperatures will continue to rise for decades. And evidence shows that climbing temperatures are already having serious consequences for vulnerable people and regions through droughts, extreme weather, and melting glaciers. In this book, climate experts Michael Mastrandrea and Stephen Schneider argue that we need to start adapting to climate change, now.