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Michael Paul Rogin

Titles by This Author

The Radical Specter

The late Joseph McCarthy has left a permanent mark on American political life. But the meaning and depth of that mark has been obscured. A major theme of this important study is that McCarthy did not suppress or stifle political thinking so much as he radically transformed it. A large block of American intellectuals evolved an original theory of politics in reaction to McCarthyism.Many American intellectuals found McCarthy's roots in the agrarian radical tradition -- emerging from Populists, La Follette progressives, the non-Partisan League.

Titles by This Editor

Affirmative Action

Why has affirmative action become the lightning rod for conflicts over racial inequality in the United States? Have color-blind legal and political doctrines intensified or ameliorated America's racial divisions? Race and Representation invites the reader to enter a debate on a matter of the greatest moment for American universities, politics, and public life.