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Ronald E. West

Ronald West is a Professor in the Chemical Engineering Department at the University of Colorado.

Titles by This Editor

Implementation of Solar Thermal Technology describes the successes and failures of the commercialization efforts of the U.S. solar thermal energy program, from the oil embargo of 1973 through the demise of the program in the early Reagan administration and its afterlife since then. The emphasis throughout is on lessons learned from the solar experience, with an eye toward applications to other projects as well as toward possible renewal of efforts at commercialization.

Part I discusses the history of government involvement in solar development and the parallel development of the market for solar products. Part II looks at the histories of specific commercialization programs for five areas (active heating and cooling, passive technologies, passive commercial building activities, industrial process heat, and high-temperature technologies). Parts III-VIII focus in turn on demonstration and construction projects, quality assurance, information dissemination programs, efforts to transfer technology to industry, incentive programs (tax credits, financing, and grants), and organizational support.

Solar Heat Technologies: Fundamentals and Applications, Volume 10

Sunshine may be abundant and free, but converting it into a usable form of energy is expensive. Investment decisions, funding of research and development, and commercial applications all rely on economic analysis.This book reviews the spectrum of economic methods that have been developed from the mid-1970s to the mid-1980s to analyze the feasibility of solar systems and shows how the use of these techniques has influenced federally sponsored research, development, and demonstration programs. There is a strong emphasis on the use of methods and modeling in studying policy alternatives. The book also reviews applications analysis, net energy analysis, and cost requirements for active and passive heating and cooling, for electric power generation, and for industrial process heat. The change in the costs of solar systems over time is one indication of program success, and the book includes a useful summary of the cost histories of various solar programs.Ronald West is a Professor in the Chemical Engineering Department at the University of Colorado. Frank Kreith is a Senior Research Fellow at the Solar Energy Research Institute. Economic Analysis of Solar Thermal Energy System is included in the series Solar Heat Technologies: Fundamentals and Applications.