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Sally Shuttleworth

Sally Shuttleworth is

Professor of English Literature at the University of Sheffield and

author of a number of books, including George Eliot and Nineteenth

Century Science. They are codirectors of the SciPer (Science in

the Nineteenth Century Periodical) project.

Titles by This Editor

Representations of the Sciences in Nineteenth-Century Periodicals

Nineteenth-century Britain saw an explosion of periodical literature, with the publication of over 100,000 different magazines and newspapers for a growing market of eager readers. The Victorian periodical press became an important medium for the dissemination of scientific ideas. Every major scientific advance in the nineteenth century was trumpeted and analyzed in periodicals ranging from intellectual quarterlies such as the Edinburgh Review to popular weeklies like the Mirror of Literature, from religious periodicals such as the Evangelical Magazine to the atheistic Oracle of Reason.