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Samuel A. Goldblith

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Their Properties, Production, and Application to Food Processing

The development of radar and concomitant observations on the heating effects of microwaves on biological materials have resulted in research programs directed toward developing sources of microwave energy and applying it to food processing. Numerous articles have appeared on the basic properties, modes of action, and applications of microwaves to food processing since about 1944; however, the development of continuous tunnels for processing around 1962 has generated more extensive and definitive articles in the field.

Titles by This Editor

Freeze dehydration of foods has been developed in the past decade with such full success that it is now beginning to find wide application in the food processing industry. Now irradiation of foods seems just on the threshold of similar development as another radically new technique of food preservation. The papers in this volume report on specific successes and problems in the continuing investigations of the MIT Department of Nutrition and Food Science on these techniques.