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Stefan Gronert

Stefan Gronert is Curator of Photography and New Media at Sprengel Museum Hannover. A lecturer in art history at the Braunschweig University of Art, he is the author of Jeff Wall: Specific Pictures and coeditor of Gerhard Richter: Editions 1965-2013.

Titles by This Author


The artist Sigmar Polke (1941–2010) worked across a broad range of media—including photography, painting, printmaking, sculpture, and film—and in styles that varied from abstract expressionism to Pop. This volume in Afterall’s One Work series offers an illustrated exploration of Freundinnen (Girlfriends 1965/66), one of Polke’s important early paintings. Taken from a found image of two young women, and using the raster dots also found in mass media reproductions, Girlfriends offers a statement about the use and social function of images.