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Stephen R. Graubard

Stephen Graubard is Editor of Dacdalas, Journal of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and Professor of History at Brown University.

Titles by This Author

AIDS will be with us for the rest of our lives. Living with AIDS confronts this long-term challenge, through a series of powerful and thought-provoking essays that seek a more realistic public-health and public-policy environment for dealing with the AIDS epidemic. The essays are grouped in sections covering the sociological and historical background, cultural impacts, clinical perspectives, the public-policy agenda in the United States, and international perspectives.

Titles by This Editor

Work in Progress

In 1965, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences initiated the Commission on the Year 2000, the forerunner of what became the field of futurism. The Commission did not believe that one could "predict" the future, but sought instead to identify structural changes in society that would have long-term social impacts. And since the Commission believed that choices were possible, it sought to chart "alternative futures" on critical issues that society would face.The results of the Commission's work appeared in 1967 in a special issue of D├Ždalus, the journal of the Academy.

False Starts, Real Foundations

In this broad and provocative collection of original essays on artificial intelligence today, eighteen distinguished scholars set out to explain why and how certain discoveries about the human brain have or have not been used by the AI community, and whether the AI endeavor has increased out, understanding of human cognition. Their exploration focuses on the many controversies and debates that continue to vitalize the field.Contributors include Jack D. Cowan, Daniel C. Dennett, Hubert L. Dreyfus, Stuart E. Dreyfus, Gerald M. Edelman, W.