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Vijay A. Saraswat

Vijay A. Saraswat is Member of the Research Staff at Xerox Palo Alto Research Center.

Titles by This Author

Concurrent Constraint Programming introduces a new and rich class of programming languages based on the notion of computing with partial information, or constraints, that synthesize and extend work on concurrent logic programming and that offer a promising approach for treating thorny issues in the semantics of concurrent, nondeterministic programming languages.

Titles by This Editor

This collection of twenty-three original papers represents the first effort to bring together the work of constraint programming researchers scattered across multiple disciplines and across the world. The collection contributes to the understanding of the common principles of this emerging general paradigm, the investigation of its theoretical foundations as well as applications to real-world computing problems. It is organized around themes of concurrency and reactive systems, languages and environments, algorithms, computer graphics, and artificial intelligence.