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W. Eric L. Grimson

Titles by This Author

The Role of Geometric Constraints

With contributions from Tomás LozanoPérez and Daniel P. Huttenlocher.

A Computational Study of the Human Early Visual System

The projection of light rays onto the retina of the eye forms a two-dimensional image, but through combining the stereoscopic aspect of vision with other optical clues by means of some remarkably effective image-processing procedures, the viewer is able to perceive three-dimensional representations of scenes.From Images to Surfaces proposes and examines a specific image-processing procedure to account for this remarkable effect-a computational approach that provides a framework for understanding the transformation of a set of images into a representation of the shapes of surfaces visible in

Titles by This Editor

An MIT Survey

AI in the 1980s and Beyond provides an inside report on current applications, trends, and future opportunities in one of the world's major centers of artificial intelligence research. The topics covered include a general perspective on AI, knowledge-based systems, expert systems tools and techniques, system building in medical diagnosis, AI and software engineering, intelligent natural language processing, automatic speech recognition, intelligent vision, seeing robots, robot programming, robot tactile sensing, and autonomous mobile robots. W. Eric L. Grimson and Ramesh S.