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1960: The Image of the City

For day 3 of the 50th anniversary series, Reiter's Bookseller Jim Wood reflects on The Image of the City by Kevin Lynch:

"I first encountered it as a young bookseller in 1975, building the stock of a technical bookstore. In 1979, I began architecture school at the University of Maryland. I was inspired by the book to think about buildings in the city. I went back to the book again, this time as a student. I did not become an architect, taking another route. The book and its image has stayed with me as a later graduate student, and has informed my thinking  ever since as an urban resident. I still have the copy I purchased in the 1970's and I just pulled it off a bookshelf in my apartment. I have put aside many books that have been a part of my life, not this one."

Production facts about  The Image of the City from Production Coordinator Kate Elwell:

"The Image of the City has hit 35 printings. A cover PO from 1964 to Farnsworth Press specifies that we would like the covers printed offset rather than letterpress. At the 7th printing in 1971, we did 10,000 copies. The 14th printing  was in 1977."

Our 50 influential journal articles are listed here. The articles are in chronological order and will be freely available through the end of 2012.

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