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1995: Losing Ground

We’re celebrating Losing Ground: American Environmentalism at the Close of the Twentieth Century by Mark Dowie for day 28 of our 50th anniversary series. We’ve compiled snippets from various reviews of the book:

Losing Ground is an ambitious and brave book. Mr. Dowie has marshaled an exceptionally broad array of facts and produced aprovocative explanation for why a once vibrant social movement is of the truly important books on a genuinely American social movement.”
Keith SchneiderNew York Times Book Review

“Perhaps the most interesting environmental book published yet this year.”
The Washington Times

“In Losing Ground journalist Mark Dowie pens a stinging critique of privileged, compromise-ridden environmental groups too enamored of their Washington access to actually fight for the environment. He expects a radical new wave of environmentalism energized by grassroots activism and confrontational tactics…

Colorfully written and based on many interviews of leading environmentalists, Losing Ground will no doubt stand as a provocative radical critique of environmentalism since the 1960s.”
Clayton Koppes, Environmental History Review, Winter 1995


Our 50 influential journal articles are listed here. The articles are in chronological order and will be freely available through the end of 2012.

 For information about the MIT Press’ history, check out our 50th anniversary page.

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