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On ASEH and Toronto

Miranda Martin, Acquisitions Assistant in Bioethics, Environmental Studies, & Political Science, attended the annual conference of the American Society for Environmental History in Toronto earlier this month. Here are her reflections on the trip.


This was my second time at the annual conference of the American Society for Environmental History (ASEH), and sharing the latest MIT Press environment books has been a pleasure both times. The ASEH is an interdisciplinary group, so a wide range of titles made an appearance this year: books on food, sustainability, nature, climate change, energy, cities, and more.

The highlight of this year’s conference was the George Perkins Marsh Prize for best book, which went to MIT Press book Hybrid Nature by Daniel Schneider. The author stopped by the table in the exhibit hall and mentioned that he was thrilled to win this award.

Around the exhibit hall, there were about 23 other exhibitors, most of whom were university presses. A series of posters were set up in the middle of the room, so the view from the MIT Press table consisted mostly of posters about bicycles—their impact on healthcare in rural Africa, the influence cycling might have had on women’s fashion, cycling culture and historical Italian nationalism, and several others.

This year’s ASEH conference was held in Toronto, and it was actually my first time in Canada. MIT Press editorial assistant and native Torontonian Ariel Baker-Gibbs gave me some tips for how to spend my free time—most importantly, she implored me to have some Asian food.

My first night in Toronto, I discovered that the city has its own Momofuku restaurant, so I went to the Noodle Bar there for exceedingly good pork buns and ramen. Another night, I opted for something more original to Toronto and had dinner in the city’s Koreatown: sizzling bibimbap in a stone bowl, with bulgogi. This was, hands-down, one of the best meals I’ve had in a long time.

ASEH 2013 was a successful conference. I had the opportunity to share, discuss, and sell some of my favorite MIT Press titles and to see (and eat) as much as I could afterward.


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