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Gift Books Part II

Here's the second part of our staff holiday gift picks.

Clay, Acquisitions

James Parry, The Mating Lives of Birds.  
An engaging and lavishly illustrated account of one of the most captivating phenomena in the natural world, bird courtship and display.  With 140 vividly detailed color photographs from around the world.






Susan, Catalog Manager

Paul ShawHelvetica and the New York Subway System
A generously illustrated paean to a font and a public transportation system. For anyone who has ridden the subway or read a sign.





Kit White, 101 Things to Learn in Art School
Words of wisdom for artists and art students that range from “Learn to draw perspective” to “Embrace the ‘happy accident,’” accompanied by graceful drawings that illustrate each point.




Miranda, Acquisitions

Kerry Emanuel, What We Know About Climate Change, Second Edition
For science and weather enthusiasts, the second edition of What We Know about Climate Change by Kerry Emanuel explains the basics of today’s climate science. It’s slim and easy to read, perfect for anyone who’d enjoy learning what global climate change is all about.







Beth, Marketing

John Bevis, Aaaaw to Zzzzzd: The Words of Birds
It’s really a beautiful little book, perfect for nature, poetry and word enthusiasts alike.





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