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John Brinkerhoff Jackson Book Prize

We are pleased to announce that the Foundation of Landscape Studies has awarded the 2017 John Brinkerhoff Jackson Book Prize to several titles, including Ecologies of Power by Pierre Bélanger and Alexander Arroyo. This prize is awarded to recently published books that have made significant contributions to the study and understanding of garden history and landscape studies. According to the site, "Only books based on original research and those that break new ground in method or interpretation" are considered for the award. "The purpose of this prize is to reward contributors to the intellectual vitality of garden history and landscape studies." The Foundations lists the recipients in their announcement in alphabetical order. 

The mission of the Foundation for Landscape Studies is to foster an active understanding of the importance of place in human life. The Foundation initiates collaborative projects with other organizations, institutions, and individuals that promote and advance landscape history and historic landscape design, theory and practice. Through these associations and independent activities, it serves as a center of communication and collaboration.

Congratulations Pierre and Alexander!

  • Posted at 09:59 am on Wed, 29 Mar 2017 in award


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