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Reiko Tomii wins the Robert Motherwell Book Award

We are thrilled to announce that Reiko Tomii’s Radicalism in the Wilderness has been selected for the 2017 Robert Motherwell Book Award, sponsored by the Dedalus Foundation. This award recognizes an outstanding publication in the history and criticism of modernism in the arts, and carries a $10,000 prize for the author.

According to the jury, “Radicalism in the Wilderness is impeccably researched and clearly written and organized, offering a wealth of new insight and analysis of modernist art history of Japan in the 1960s and 1970s. By foregrounding the local and presumed periphery, the book builds “the global from the bottom up,” thereby expanding and challenging the understanding of global modernisms.”

The Dedalus Foundation was established by Robert Motherwell in 1981 with the purpose “To serve the public interest by endeavoring to foster, cultivate, develop, and support public understanding and appreciation of the principles of modern art expressed through the theories of modernism as expressed in the works and writings of Robert Motherwell and other artists.” The Dedalus Foundation is based in New York.

Congratulations Reiko!

  • Posted at 08:47 am on Wed, 31 May 2017 in Awards


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