The Review of Economics and Statistics Celebrates 100 Years

March 2018 marks the 100th year of publication for The Review of Economics and Statistics.

Founded as The Review of Economic Statistics in 1917 at Harvard University, the journal published its inaugural volume in 1919. In his prefatory statement to the first issue, editor-in-chief Charles J. Bullock remarked, “the purpose of the Review is to promote the collection, criticism, and interpretation of economic statistics, with a view to making them more accurate and valuable than they are at present for business and scientific purposes.”

The journal’s title changed to The Review of Economics and Statistics starting with issue 30:1 (1948).

Throughout its hundred-year history, The Review of Economics and Statistics has served as an indispensable journal of applied economics. Edited at the Harvard Kennedy School since 2002, the journal has published some of the most important articles and influential thinkers in empirical economics.

Notable contributors to the Review include Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Studies winners Robert Solow, Paul Anthony Samuelson, and Wassily Leontief.

Highly cited articles from the Review include:

  • “The Log of Gravity” (J. M. C. Santos Silva and Silvana Tenreyro; Vol. 88, No. 4)
  • Propensity Score-Matching Methods for Nonexperimental Causal Studies” (Rajeev H. Dehejia and Sadek Wahba; Vol. 84, No. 1)
  • “Bootstrap-Based Improvements for Inference with Clustered Errors” (A. Colin Cameron, et al.; Vol. 90, No. 3).


“For the past 100 years, the Review has defined the frontier of research in economics,” states Amitabh Chandra, Co-Chair of the Review. “Papers published in the Review pose a question of general interest, and marry economic theory to careful statistical analysis. Entire literatures have sprung from these contributions, and the discipline of economics is strengthened every time this happens. It is our belief that the Review is well-positioned to continue this tradition. We have been strengthened by competition from sister journals, submissions have been increasing year upon year, our turnaround times are amongst the fastest, and our reviewers are drawn from amongst the most thoughtful and constructive commentators in the profession. We encourage you to submit your work to The Review of Economics and Statistics.”

Asim Khwaja, Co-Chair of the Review, adds, “As we celebrate 100 years of The Review of Economics and Statistics, it is quite humbling to see the role we have been able to play in the profession. This is all thanks to the insightful authors whose work we have been able to share, as well as the efforts of all the editors, associate editors, and countless (unnamed but highly appreciated) referees over the years. From all of us, thanks for all that you have done. We hope to continue and build upon this great legacy.”

 “The MIT Press has published The Review of Economics and Statistics on behalf of Harvard since 1995. In that time, the Review* has published many seminal articles and we’re very proud to have supported them in their efforts,” says Nick Lindsay, Director for Journals and Open Access at The MIT Press. “We look forward to many more years of working with Harvard as they continue to publish some of the most important and innovative applied economic research.”


Amitabh Chandra (Co-Chair), Harvard University

Olivier Coibion, University of Texas, Austin

Bryan S. Graham, University of California, Berkeley

Shachar Kariv, University of California, Berkeley

Amit K. Khandelwal, Columbia University

Asim Ijaz Khwaja (Co-Chair), Harvard University

Brigitte C. Madrian, Harvard University

Rohini Pande, Harvard University