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University Press Week: Blog Tour Roundup, Day 3

We've reached Day 3 of University Press Week! The theme of today's blog posts is University Press Staff Spotlight. 

Seminary Co-op Bookstores featured sales rep John Eklund

Wayne State University Press posted a Q&A with their new senior designer, Rachel Ross

University of Washington Press featured assistant editor Niccole Leilanionapae‘āina Coggins

University Press of Mississippi featured project editor Valerie Jones and her volunteer work within her community

University of Wisconson Press highlighted books production manager Terry Emmrich

Johns Hopkins University Press handed the reigns to senior editor Debby Bors to let her explain why she loves university presses. 

University of Chicago Press profiled associate marketing director Levi Stahl

Purdue University Press featured a guest post from production editor Dianna Gilroy

And Princeton University Press interviewed both senior copywriter Theresa Liu and head of their European office, Caroline Priday

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