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Worker Leadership

As you enjoy your holiday BBQ, take a moment to consider the purpose of Labor Day, which was created to commemorate the efforts and contributions of American workers. 

Over the past twenty years, American manufacturing jobs have steadily left for other more competitive environments. President Obama sought to change this with his State of the Union in 2012, where he laid out his Blueprint for an America Built to Last which calls for incentives for companies to manufacture here in the United States. Fred Stahl's forthcoming book,  Worker Leadership: America's Secret Weapon in the Battle for Industrial Competitiveness offers strategies for these types of jobs (and the workers) to flourish right here in the good ole' US of A. Here's a sneak peak:

In the future, the most successful enterprises will be built by managers, workers, and unions working together and guided by Worker Leadership. They will create jobs that offer workers big opportunities to use their commitment, diligence, experience, initiative, and intellect to improve not only their personal productivity but also the competitiveness of their enterprises. The result will be productive, dignified, and satisfying jobs that workers will love.

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