Book deals: July 2023 edition

A roundup of some of our recent book deals, slated for publication in 2024 and beyond

Let’s face it: The publishing world can be slow-moving. From peer review through editing and design, it takes time—sometimes a lot of it—to produce a polished book. But we’re too excited to keep every signing under wraps. We’re pleased to share details about a few of our latest acquisitions, from game historian Jon Peterson’s definitive history of Dungeons and Dragons toan inventive guide to computer algorithms.

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Jon Peterson.

Noah Springer, acquisitions editor, has acquired world rights to Playing at the World, 2nd edition by Jon Peterson.

Peterson—widely recognized as an authority on the history of games and the author of Playing at the World, The Elusive Shift, and Game Wizards—writes this new edition of the definitive history of the much-beloved tabletop game Dungeons and Dragons. (Fall 2024)

Catherine Woods, executive editor, has acquired world rights to The Lunar Society and the New Industrial Enlightenment by historian, inventor, and entrepreneur David Mindell.

For more than 200 years, we have lived with ideals inherited from the Industrial Revolution which have served us well in the past but have since ravaged the land and the atmosphere, alienated workers, and shipped our vital skills overseas. The author revisits the intellectual founders of the Industrial Revolution—the Lunar Society—in order to inspire similar ideals and thinkers to drive a new industrial revolution. (Spring 2025)

Woods has also acquired world rights to Customer Portfolio Management by Fred Selnes and Michael Johnson, for the Management on the Cutting Edge series.

This book, written by recognized experts on relationship management, will open the minds of business leaders to an interesting and new way of understanding what drives business growth. The authors develop actionable guidelines for relationship management, tied to the notion of conversion across relationship levels. (Spring 2025)

Woods has also acquired world rights to Demand Revolution: Winning the Sustainable Consumers by Andreas von der Gathen, Nicolai Broby Eckert, and Caroline Kastbjerg, for the Management on the Cutting Edge series.

A demand revolution occurs when irresistible consumer pull, not technological push, becomes the disruptive driving force that leads to the creation of new markets, new ecosystems and exponential growth. Sustainability will be the next transformative megatrend, one that will ignite exponential growth and lead to permanent, net positive changes for a large portion of the world’s population. (Fall 2024)

Elizabeth Swayze, senior acquisitions editor, has acquired world English rights to The Computer Always Wins by high school senior Elliot Lichtman.

Lichtman writes a guide to computer algorithms, all taught by reference to some familiar board game, strategy game, or word game. 

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