Book deals: June 2021 edition

A roundup of some of our recent signings, slated for publication in 2022 and beyond

Let’s face it: The publishing world can be slow-moving. From peer review through editing and design, it takes time—sometimes a lot of it—to produce a polished book. But we’re too excited and, frankly, impatient to keep all our signings under wraps, so we’re thrilled to share an overview of a handful of our newest acquisitions. From Hannah Zeavin’s social history of technologized parenting to David Zweig’s narrative account of the implications of COVID-19 on the American school system, we think you’ll find something to like.

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Heather Einhorn and Adam Staffaroni’s The Curie Society, Volume 2 and Volume 3 picks up where the action leaves off from the first volume of this exciting new series about a fictional group of girls and women who save the world using their exceptional STEM skills. In volumes 2 and 3, the crew from Edmonds University goes global, faces threats involving nuclear weapons and advanced biotech and quantum tech, and uncovers a nefarious organization with twisted ambitions. Volume 2 will be published in fall 2022, with volume 3 coming in fall 2023.
Read more about the first volume in the series. 

Meredith Broussard’s More Than a Glitch: What Everyone Needs to Know About Making Technology Anti-Racist, Accessible, and Otherwise Useful to All will explore the problems that arise when people rely on technology to solve social issues and the fallacy that computers are neutral or objective. To be published in spring 2023.
Learn more about Broussard’s first book, Artificial Unintelligence.

David Zweig’s An Abundance of Caution: American Schools, the Virus, and a Story of Bad Decisions will provide a narrative account of the chronology, stakeholders, and decision-making processes behind one of the largest public policy decisions in the country’s history, and a difficult examination of how our culture processes data and information in the grip of anxiety, risk, and political polarization. Publication date to come.

Hannah Zeavin’s Mother’s Little Helpers: Technology in the American Family will offer a social history of technologized parenting in the U.S. that shows how tech interacts with maternal labor, guilt, and fear. To be published in Fall 2023.
Learn more about Zeavin’s first book, The Distance Cure.

Shohini Ghose’s (IN)Visible will tell the stories of over twenty frequently unseen, unheralded and under-rewarded women physicists from around the world who transformed science and society despite often wearing a cloak of invisibility throughout their careers. To be published in spring 2023.
Read more about (IN)Visible.

Seth Giddings’s Toy Theory will explore the histories of toys and unpack their relationship with technology. Giddings argues that toys and play have always been technological and provide a unique framework to construct a philosophy of technology based around play rather than around tools. To be published in spring 2023.

Ruchika Tulshyan’s Inclusion on Purpose: An Intersectional Approach to Creating a Culture of Belonging at Work will provide best practices for individuals and organizations to stop bias against women of color, particularly Black women, in the workplace. To be published in spring 2022.

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